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The Official React Query Course

Master React Query with mystifying ease

Early course access begins May 29th

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React Query has been one of the fastest growing and most popular third party libraries in the React ecosystem, and this course will teach you everything you need to ship it like a pro.

Toss out that granular state management, manual refetching and endless bowls of async-spaghetti code. You’ll learn how React Query gives you declarative, always-up-to-date auto-managed queries and mutations that directly improve both your developer and user experiences.

Built in collaboration with Dominik Dorfmeister and the rest of the React Query core team, this course will give you a first principles understanding of both how React Query works under the hood as well as how to write React Query code that scales.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. a spooky multi-level house with crooked chimney spout

    Laying the Foundation

    1. Why React Query
    2. Query Fundamentals
    3. Deduplication
    4. Query Lifecycle
    5. Queries, Caching, and Observers
  2. databases that look like tall buildings emerge high above the clouds

    Querying Data

    1. Fetching Data
    2. Fetching with Parameters
    3. Data Synchronization
    4. Fetching on Demand
    5. Garbage Collection
  3. a stack of cards and the top one has a picture of a UFO beaming down from the sky

    Advanced Query Patterns

    1. Polling
    2. Dependent Queries
    3. Parallel Queries (useQueries)
    4. Avoiding Loading States (Prefetching)
    5. Pagination
    6. Infinite Queries
  4. curvy snake in front of a long arm where the hand is pointed like a cursor

    Handling User Interactions

    1. Performing Updates
    2. Linking Mutations to Queries
    3. Optimistic Updates
    4. Usage with Forms
  5. magic potion bottles of varying shape and size

    Scaling Your App

    1. Customizing Query Defaults
    2. Validating Query Data
    3. Performance Optimizations
    4. Managing Query Keys
    5. Error Handling
  6. two three-eyed fish jump high out of some water

    Plugins & Adapters

    1. Offline Support
    2. Persist Queries
    3. Persist Mutations
    4. Building an Adapter
  7. a ghost emerges from a vintage television set


    1. Testing Queries
    2. Testing Mutations
  8. React logo floats underneath a fancy glass cloch


    1. Server Side Rendering
    2. Suspense
    3. WebSockets

If you’ve never taken a course before, here’s what you can expect:

The Secret Sauce

In short, we’re obsessed with creating technical content that is both enjoyable and easy to consume. Counter culture, we know – but it leads to rave reviews where “the best online course I’ve ever taken” is something we hear on a daily basis.

That’s why we were so stoked when Tanner, the creator of React Query, approached us about creating an official course.

React Query is beautifully simple and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to life with this course. Beyond text and videos, we did that in a few different ways:


Throughout the course, you’ll be given interactive visuals that represent core React Query topics. These visuals serve to help you understand concepts in a more intuitive way.

Take this one, for example. It demonstrates how React Query works under the hood when data needs revalidation.

VIEW12343124{}sort: 'created'sort: 'updated'DATATHE CACHEOBSERVER

Next, we wanted to create a “Leetcode for React Query” type experience. One that challenged the passiveness of typical online courses.


Every time you learn something new, you’ll be immediately thrown into an environment where you can apply that knowledge in a practical, real life scenario.

simplified line drawing of the challenges user interface{}();={}();=

What’s great about these challenges, as Kunal discovered, is that each one feels like a lesson in and of itself.

Every single challenge throughout the entire course is inspired by a situation you’d discover in a real-world React Query application.

Next up, quizzes.


Yeah, these are just boring quizzes. But they do a great job of making sure you’re understanding the material and are heading in the right direction.

  • crystal ball

    Quiz yourself

    What is the purpose of the query key?
  • crystal ball

    Quiz yourself

    What is the difference between staleTime and gcTime?
  • crystal ball

    Quiz yourself

    True or false: React Query automatically refetches when staleTime is exceeded?

This is the course we wish existed when we started learning React Query years ago and we’re thrilled we finally get to share it with you.

This is the best way to learn how to use React Query in real-world applications.

Tanner Linsley React Query creator
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